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Hardware Products Special Offer: Get up to 25 Springs for just $135

Posted by Hardware Products on Dec 21, 2017 12:55PM

Have You Placed Your Order for Springs, Yet?

As we add another year of successful spring manufacturing under our belt, we would like to announce a limited time offer! Established in 1866, Hardware Products Company (HPC) has a long and storied history as one of the leading suppliers of stock and custom spring solutions in the industry.

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Hardware Products Company Celebrates 150 Years of Continuous Spring Manufacturing

Posted by Hardware Products on Jul 12, 2016 3:9PM

Marking the 150th Anniversary of Chelsea-Based Spring Manufacturer, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Jay Ash, Delivered Keynote Address

Chelsea, MA -- 07/11/2016 --Established in 1866, Hardware Products Company (HPC) has a long and storied history as one of the leading suppliers of stock and custom spring solutions in the industry.

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Hardware Products Celebrates 150 Years of Spring Manufacturing with a New Website

Posted by Hardware Products on Jan 29, 2016 11:5AM

Honoring this Important Milestone, Hardware Products Launches a New, User-Friendly Website Design

Chelsea, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/26/2016 --Building on over its 150-year-old legacy of manufacturing custom springs and wire-forming products, Hardware Products Company (HPC) is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new website, featuring enhanced design and increased functionality. The new website brings to life its age-old brand promise, "Spring Manufacturing at its Best," which is represented through its exceptional quality stock spring line, custom made-to-order capabilities, and inventory management program, calledspringLINK.

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Broad-Base Spring Manufacturing Capabilities: from Flat to Compression Springs and Secondary Procedures

Posted by Hardware Products on Jan 25, 2016 9:44AM



Look around the room you are in. You are probably familiar with the specific spring you use for your products. But have you ever considered how many type of springs are used for everything around you in so many different products and for vast purposes? As a spring manufacturer, we are well aware of this—and are equally as prepared to meet the needs of many OEMs.

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Many Spring Options

Posted by Hardware Products on Jan 8, 2016 9:34AM

Round wire springs are among the most well-known type of spring, and we manufacture a multitude of spring types that require round wire: custom torsion, wire forms, custom extension springs among the others. We also manufacture flat springs. We generally use generic tools for the first time short-run production. The benefit for companies looking for flat springs is that we can provide sample flat springs with little or no tooling. Then if the new pieces work, we can subsequently manufacture some tooling (again, in-house), which will greatly increase the manufacturing speed and lower the unit price for our customers. This “completeness” of capability is so unique that we frequently manufacture short-run, first-time manufactured springs for other spring companies. Being a spring company manufacture’s spring manufacturer is a pretty neat niche to be in. We’d like to be yours. Contact us to speak with one of our spring geeks.

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Secondary Procedures In-House Means Quick Turn Around

Posted by Hardware Products on Jan 3, 2016 9:40AM

In addition to size range, we also specialize in the ability to complete the spring so that we can turn it around in a shorter period of time and get it to our customers quickly. What does this mean for you? Well, addition to winding capabilities we also have broad-based grinding capabilities, which allows us to grind the ends of compression springs, from the very smallest to the very largest compression springs. Other secondary procedures we can perform in-house include acid cleaning the springs, shotblasting the springs via wheelabration, and deburring the springs—all done with material which we keep on hand.

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Specialized and Custom Springs … in a Hurry!

Posted by Hardware Products on Jan 2, 2016 9:41AM

Hardware Products specializes in research and development, which often leads to longer runs on very specialized springs. This, by necessity, means that the customer wants the springs in a hurry. Because of this aspect of our market, our spring manufacturing covers a much larger than normal range of options. We can wind from .005-inch wire to .500-inch wire. And we are the only spring company in the country that stocks hot wound springs (which we purchase from a partner in the hot wound industry).

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Niches Needed

Posted by Hardware Products on Dec 28, 2015 9:42AM

In the spring industry there are many niches. While many spring companies are automotive, as about 47% of all springs manufactured in America find their way into an automobile, that doesn’t mean that spring production begins and ends there. Some companies specialize in flat forms made either on four slide machines or punch presses. Many other spring manufacturers specialize in long-run, smaller springs, such as the spring in an aerosol can or the tip of a pen. Yet others specialize in very large springs that are actually wound in a red hot molten condition.

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Hardware Products Company Hires New Generation of Talented Young Spring Makers

Posted by Hardware Products on Nov 13, 2014 9:45AM

Our new hires will help Hardware Products reaffirm itself as a full-service manufacturer of spring and wire-form products in the industry, with an uncompromising commitment to state-of-the-art spring technology, engineering innovation through research and development, superior quality and reliability, and unsurpassed customer service,” said Ted White, president of Hardware Products. 

Laurent Porter joined the company in 2011, and since then she has had the opportunity to explore many different aspects of the business. In her current position working in HR and as the plant accountant, she performs a variety of HR-related functions, which includes processing incoming and outgoing payments, preparing financial statements, and keeping track of benefit enrollment. Porter said, “I enjoy working in my current position because I get to interact with the other departments, but my work is largely independent. The time I spent working in other departments has definitely given me a much broader understanding of our company. I'm able to see how the different pieces come together to make our company a top supplier and manufacturer of numerous types of springs.” 

Juan Rodriguez Garcia is the engineering manager at Hardware Products and his job role entails designing and manufacturing precision-engineered and custom-made springs on a day-to-day basis, along with inspecting all incoming raw material and outside processing to ensure that the customers receive the finest quality spring parts made to their specifications. Rodriguez Garcia said, “As a mechanical engineer, I love the challenge of getting involved in interesting projects that give me the opportunity to interact with the customer, right from the design phase to production and then quality control.”

Jesus Hernandez is the production manager at Hardware Products, and is responsible for the planning, coordination, and control of manufacturing processes. Hernandez said, “My job is to oversee the manufacturing process and make sure that production lines are running smoothly and efficiently. Hardware Products continued investment in state-of-the-art spring manufacturing equipments, systems, and processes helps me succeed in meeting targets, both for the company and our customers.” Jaqueline Quiles is the new director of clerical services, and she is in charge of the SpringLink inventory management program, along with performing clerical duties at HPC. 

White further commented, “Hardware Products employees, across all departments and functions, bring to life our age-old brand promise, Spring Manufacturing at its Best, and ultimately it is the diversity in our workforce that allows us to innovate and grow as a spring manufacturing company. I’m thrilled to have these talented people on board and as part of the HPC family.” 

For more information on Hardware Products Company, visit www.hardwareproducts.com or contact their “Spring Geek” at (800) 894-4896. 

About Hardware Products Company 
Hardware Products Company was founded in 1866 in the historic North End of Boston—a stone’s throw from Paul Revere’s house—as a manufacturer of machined hardware items. The company, now located in Chelsea, Massachusetts, has evolved into one of the most complete and creative spring and spring products producers in the industry, making use of the latest in high-tech operations and computerized support functions (www.hardwareproducts.com).

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Hardware Products, Spring Manufacturing Company, Increases Customer Service Team

Posted by Hardware Products on Nov 12, 2014 9:46AM

Backed by forward-thinking leadership under Ted White, Hardware Products has established itself as a full-service manufacturer of spring and wire-form products in the industry, with an uncompromising commitment to state-of-the-art spring technology, engineering innovation, superior quality and reliability, and unsurpassed customer service. 

As the new customer service manager, Corey Accettullo overseas the sales operations at Hardware Products to assure customer support that results in correct solutions in a rapid response manner. “There are several places to buy springs, but when our customers time and again come to us for their spring needs, I know they depend on our team to get them the right springs with prompt delivery,” said Corey Accettullo. 

Rob Cowels and Jessica Gonzalez, customer service representatives at Hardware Products, recently completed the Spring Engineering course to better equip themselves to assist customers in designing custom springs in different types and configurations that meet the stringent design and quality assurance standards. Rob Cowels mentions, “The best part of working at Hardware Products is there is always something new to learn on the job, and it truly entails a great team effort to produce efficient springs that reduce weight and improve performance, productivity and profitability of the application.” Jessica Gonzalez adds, “Customer service is a number 1 priority at Hardware Products and I enjoy helping our customers select the right type of material and spring type for their specific needs.”

Ted White, President of Hardware Products, said, “At Hardware Products, we take great pride in our employees’ that uphold our proud heritage through creativity, integrity and personalized customer service. From spring research and development to prototype, and then through small, medium and high-volume production to SpringLink inventory management, our dedicated team of spring specialists will be there to add value in every step of the spring manufacturing process.”

For more information on Hardware Products Company, visit – http://www.hardwareproducts.com or contact their “Spring Geek” at (800) 894-4896.  

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