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The Role of Deflection and the Phenomenon of Work Hardening of Steel

Posted by Ted White on Feb 28, 2018 11:2AM

Understanding the Process of Deflection Using a Tin Foil

Consider a tin foil that you’d cover a roast with. When you first use that tin foil, it is supple and conforms to the container you are trying to wrap. However, as you unwrap the foil to slice off a piece of the meat and then try to re-wrap the container, the foil is a little less supple than before. The portion of the foil that hardens is the portion of the tin foil that is being used or “deflected” the most. Eventually after repeated use, the tin foil will actually become harder and harder until it rips or breaks.

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Compression Spring Design Evolution

Posted by Ted White on Jul 15, 2016 3:3PM

Compression Spring Parameters and Pi

Compression spring design formulas are really only somewhat complicated algebra. They are quite precise and yield very predictable results. However, when compression springs were first becoming widely used during the industrial revolution, neither computers nor calculators existed.

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9 Key Properties of Alloys in Steel Spring Manufacturing

Posted by Ted White on Apr 20, 2016 2:29PM

Material Selection in Spring Manufacturing Matters

Recently, we wrote about raw material classifications in the steel spring manufacturing industry. These materials are chosen, largely, by their properties and how they will impact the end use. Or think of it inversely: the end use dictates what alloys to choose.

Because steel spring design programs are plentiful and quite easy to use, most engineers know just what they want,

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Classes of Spring Steel Used in Spring Manufacturing

Posted by Ted White on Mar 23, 2016 11:19AM

Understanding Material Classifications for Your Next Steel Spring Project

The spring industry, over the years, has divided the common spring materials into different classifications. Some of these classifications have somewhat confusing or misleading names, but are used as jargon within the industry nevertheless.

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