Save Big on Your Springs Order with Hardware Products!

As another year of successful spring manufacturing comes to an end, we would like to announce a limited time offer! As part of the end-of-year festivities, here is a special offer "Springs for $135" (Promo code: HPC135) for you. The offer is valid only on cylindrical compression or cylindrical extension springs. You will receive the same top-quality fit, finish, function, and reliability of these springs—and you’ll get them at a great price. 

In order to qualify for the "Springs for $135" offer, you must meet, anything less than, or equal to, the below-mentioned specifications:  

  • Up to 25 quantity, made-to-order on cylindrical compression or cylindrical extension springs with regular hooks or loops.
  • Alloys: music wire per ASTM A 228 and 302 stainless steel per ASTM A 313
  • Wire size: .012 inch to .062 inch (.016 is the minimum size wire with ground ends)
  • Maximum free length: 2 inches
  • Outside diameter: The outside diameter should be no more than 10 times the wire diameter and should be no less than 4 times the wire diameter.
  • Offer valid only on new springs:
    • Existing Customer – Special price is valid only if your order is different from the kind of springs you normally purchase from us.
    • New Customers – If you have never ordered springs from us, special price is valid on all new orders of the above mentioned spring type.

We are running this special offer until 31st March 2018. Please enter promo code HPC135 on the form, among other details, to start working with our Spring Geek on your customized compression or extension springs order right away! 

Offer ends 3/31/2018; use promo code HPC135; while supplies last; limit one order per customer; cannot be combined with other offers; not valid on stock spring purchases; valid only for orders shipping to US and Canada; code can be redeemed only at hardwareproducts.com or by calling our Spring Geek at (800) 894-4896—not valid anywhere else Hardware Products are sold.